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After nearly 14 years of operation, the Pearl River culture has now become the vice president of the Yuexiu District Private Education Association, the evaluation grade 3A unit of Guangzhou Yuexiu District social organization, the continuing education and training unit of the provincial capital of Guangdong provincial finance department, the Guangzhou Representative Office of the Royal Canadian University, and a good number of partners. A good strategic partnership.

  • Country Garden Holdings

    Bigui garden is a physical force traveler in the process of new urbanization in China. It is the builder of the global green and ecological intelligent city. It not only brings modern city features for more than 400 cities and towns, improves the living conditions and quality of life of the local people, but also builds the first stereoscopic stratification with the city design idea, which is the first in the world. Modern city - forest city. For more than 20 years, Biguiyuan is the beautiful scenery and business card of the city. The landscape and living square make the local people linger on. The club and property services make life comfortable and safe. City buildings, gardens, management should be able to stand up to the historical inspection, and the green garden in each city will make one step of the quality of the community: building a world - class community! So more than 3 million owners have chosen to live and work in the country garden.

    In 2012, Pearl River culture and bassia Garden Group reached a strategic cooperation intention, combined China Chess Association and Guangdong chess and Card Center, jointly popularized the Chinese chess culture, and held "the national chess champion invitational tournament of the beagi Cup" for 6 years. With its high requirements, high standards and high bonuses, it was praised as "the chess world" Oscar.

  • Macao finance and God Group

    Macao fortune God Group is a comprehensive group of famous enterprises in Macao, integrating Hotel, entertainment and intelligent pension services.

    In 2013, the Pearl River culture and the wealth God Group reached the strategic cooperation intention, combined with the Guangdong chess and Card Center, jointly popularized the chess culture, and held the "fortune cup video chess fast chess match" for 6 years, which set up interesting, ornamental and entertaining as a whole, and was praised as "Spring Festival Gala" in the industry.

  • Guangzhou Yuexiu District Private Education Association

    The Yuexiu District private education association was established in May 2007. After the merger of the two district of the original Dongshan and Yuexiu, under the guidance of the Yuexiu District Education Bureau, the private schools in Yuexiu District held educational, pre school, self-study examination assistance and other cultural education, and held vocational qualification training and vocational qualifications. Private sector schools with skills training and voluntary participation in institutions and individuals who are actively involved in private education. It is an academic and non-profit civil society organization approved by the Yuexiu District Civil Affairs Bureau of Guangzhou.

    Zhujiang culture has been the vice president of the Private Education Association for many years. It is responsible for the daily operation of the association, and actively cooperates with the provincial, municipal and regional educational associations in order to promote the pluralistic development of private education in Yuexiu District.

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