Fringe benefits

We provide all these things with our heart, so that our partners can enjoy work more enjoyable.

  1. Free afternoon tea
  2. Birthday party
  3. Free reimbursement books / software
  5. Additional award for project
  6. Psychic decompression chamber
  7. Flexible working hours
  8. Comfortable office environment


  • Advanced iOS front-end developer
    Have a solid foundation for c/c++, objective C and Xcode/XIB, storyboard programming; master the development skills of UI, memory management mechanism, network, database, XML/JSON parsing, and so on in iOS SDK
  • Market planning
    1, the creative and writing of brand publicity materials and brand activities publicity materials; 2, the planning of the theme of brand activities; 3, the editor of the special brand activities and the interview of the expert foreign guests; 4, the writing and publishing of the press releases on the new media platform; 5, the editor of the brand activity official website; 6, brand publicity video and micro electricity. The planning and production of the shadow.
  • Project Designer
    1, guide customers to arrange relevant immigration information, assist customers in visa processing, Embassy interview, overseas settlement, green card application and so on. 2, accept customer consultation, complaints, suggestions and opinions, etc., to assist the customer supervisor to follow up the latest developments of the signed customers. 3. Track the progress of the application and communicate with the customers in time. 4, the relevant customer policies and information conveyed and implemented by the headquarters. 5. Assist contracted customers to complete the collection and submission of relevant documents. 6. Regularly plan and organize customer value added activities according to the requirements of headquarters and branch offices; 7, assist the consultant to handle customer related work.
  • Business Manager
    1, timely and effectively complete the company assigned project targets, and systematically track and promote the work. 2, responsible for customer proposal work, in-depth excavation of customer needs; 3, ensure smooth implementation of the project, macro control of customer budgets and control of business costs; 4, develop new resources and maintain existing resources, communicate, negotiate and service with customers, establish good interpersonal relationship with customers, and improve customer loyalty.

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