The popularization of traditional culture

Since its establishment, the Pearl River culture has always realized its social responsibility and actively promoted traditional culture, especially the promotion of chess culture. After many years of promotion and practice, "Bei Gui Garden Cup" and "wealth God Cup" have become the famous brand events in the chess world. Meanwhile, Pearl River culture has also gathered a large number of top professional masters and experts, and has established good cooperative relations with China Chess Association, Guangdong chess and card center, Guangzhou chess Institute and so on, for the community to cultivate all walks of life. A large number of chess and cultural promotion personnel have been raised and transported.
Our advantages

Strong team of teachers: closely cooperate with Guangdong chess team, chess player Lv Qin and Xu Yinchuan are special advisors for the project.
Strict registration qualification screening: in strict accordance with the requirements of the Chinese chess agreement on coaches and referees, recruit early and intermediate training certificates.
High quality training courses: 2 days of close training courses include the opening of chess, the disabled, children's teaching, children's psychology, chess etiquette, speech skills, chess development, and so on
Rapid self enhancement: provide value-added services for students, such as competition organization, chess channel development, etc.

Cooperation process:
The project is aimed at attracting investment from all over the country, and welcomes the cooperation and exchanges between the traditional culture promotion organizations in all walks of life.

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